The only window in Quebec to combine an insulating-foam injected PVC frame with a sealed unit that is highly energy-efficient.

An exclusive process which consists in injecting a polyurethane foam into the cavities of the main sections to increase their rigidity, their thermal stability as well as their energy performance.


Traditional PVC frames are made up of hollow chambers, which results in loss of heat through conduction and convection. PRESIDENT Doors and windows’ engineers have developed a urethane foam injection process that significantly increases the thermal resistance of frames. By pairing them with high-performance sealed units, the energy efficiency of the window is greatly improved. This represents less heat loss, less condensation, less noise and above all, for the happy owners of PRESIDENT Doors and windows, unparalleled comfort.


Window replacement project in view?

You could be eligible for a grant from $125 to $5,000!

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