Fully customized designs

Also available in
hybrid configuration
(PVC interior – aluminum exterior)

PVC Irrégulière

At Portes et fenêtres Président , we’re able to custom-design transom windows combining a variety of shapes to give your home a unique and distinctive look. Sizing and design elements are fully customizable to suit your needs and create the desired effect. Whether you want squares, diamonds, circles, arches, trapezoids, ovals or any other shape, our team can help you choose the best options for your needs.

Besides enhancing the architectural appeal of your home, transom windows help maximize the amount of natural light entering a room. They also add a touch of elegance and a unique style that will make your house stand out in the neighbourhood.

Stylish and bright

While odd-shaped windows are typically chosen for purely esthetic reasons, they can also enhance a room or corridor by inviting in more light and warmth.

Odd-shaped windows are often used for stairwells and hallways, but they’re also added above entrances and more conventional windows.

Contact us to learn more about your many options for custom odd-shaped windows.

shaped windows
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Manufacturing options

Portes et fenêtres Président has a 30-shade palette to choose from, so you can match your new windows to your decor. Our factory uses a solvent free, water-based process that is safe for the environment. The product reflects the sun’s rays, which keeps PVC temperatures at an acceptable level. Its finish is durable and resistant.

Portes et fenêtres Président offers a full range of grille and pattern options adaptable to different house styles. These options help you personalize your windows and add a unique touch to your home.

Portes et fenêtres Président offers the best combination on the market: LowE 180 glass.

Window replacement project in view?

You could be eligible for a grant from $125 to $5,000!

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