entourage referal program
entourage programme de référence clients
referal program

Our ENTOURAGE customer referral program is really rewarding!

Thanks to the ENTOURAGE program, each time you refer us a new customer, we will offer you up to 200$ in cash back rewards! With no limits on the number of referrals…

Pour les nouveaux clients, nous vous offrirons également jusqu’à 200$ en réduction applicable immédiatement sur votre projet de remplacement de fenestration : 100$ de réduction pour les travaux de moins de 5 000$ et 200$ pour les travaux de 5 000$ et plus (montant avant taxes).

For new customers, we will also offer you a rebate of up to 200$, immediately applicable on your door or window replacement project: 100$ rebate for work under 5,000$, and 200$ for work of 5,000$ and more (amount before taxes).


If you are an existing customer of PRESIDENT Doors and Windows:

Vous devez simplement fournir votre code promotionnel à cinq chiffres : C00000 et/ou votre nom et prénom à la personne que vous souhaitez nous référer afin qu’elle puisse les inscrire au formulaire d’ÉVALUATION SANS FRAIS de son projet de remplacement de fenestration.

You simply need to provide your 5-digit promotional code to those you wish to refer: C00000 and/or your last and first name so they can register it in the FREE ESTIMATE form for their door or window replacement project.

Programme de référence clients entourage
You are an existing PRESIDENT customer and you do not have your 5-digit promotional code:C00000 ? Contact us today! By email atBy email at ENTOURAGE@pfpresident.com or by dialing 1-855-491-1886.

Si vous êtes un nouveau client de PRESIDENT Portes et fenêtres :

  1. Enter the last and first name and/or the promotional code of the PRESIDENT customer who refers you at the end of theFREE ESTIMATE formfor your door or window replacement project.
  2. Send your request by clicking on « Send ».

Vous recevrez ensuite un message de confirmation de réception de votre demande.


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One of our door and window advisors will contact you in the next 48 hours for an in-home consultation.
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To obtain a rebate of up to 200$ on your project with ourENTOURAGEprogram , please complete the two following fields and/or the promotional code.

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