For maximum ventilation

Double-hung windows have two movable panels that open with a vertical sliding motion: the bottom panel slides up while the top panel slides down. This simple mechanism makes opening double-hung windows practically effortless.

The traditional look of double-hung windows is sure to add a distinctive touch to your home. As a bonus, these windows are a highly practical choice thanks to their excellent value, easy installation and fully adjustable window opening.

Another advantage over single-hung models is that they create optimal ventilation to fully air out your home. Simply open both panels halfway: warmer air, which tends to rise, will escape through the top while cooler air will enter through the bottom.

Custom arrangements

Like single-hung models, double-hung windows can be combined with fixed windows in a variety of arrangements to increase the amount of natural light entering a room. Plus, because of the unique way they open, it’s easy to install an air conditioner and cool any room of the home.

There are even more ways to personalize the look of your double-hung window: the relative heights of the upper and lower panels may be modified, decorative grids may be added to either or both panels, and the colour of the window frame may be customized to complement the exterior of your home. The possibilities are endless!

double-hung windows
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Manufacturing options

Portes et fenêtres Président has a 30-shade palette to choose from, so you can match your new windows to your decor. Our factory uses a solvent free, water-based process that is safe for the environment. The product reflects the sun’s rays, which keeps PVC temperatures at an acceptable level. Its finish is durable and resistant.

Portes et fenêtres Président offers a full range of grille and pattern options adaptable to different house styles. These options help you personalize your windows and add a unique touch to your home.

Portes et fenêtres Président offers the best combination on the market: LowE 180 glass.


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