Sustainable beauty, a responsible choice

I’m amazed at how adding a bay window makes our living room feel more spacious, while adding style to the front of the house.

Claudette – Montreal

Sustainable beauty, a responsible choice

In addition to giving her home a fresh look, Claudette from Montreal appreciates the added comfort and energy savings that her investment brings. Hybrid casement windows insulated with PRESIDENT’s ISO-THERMA Technology is an energy-saving choice. Being Energy STAR® certified products, they are also eligible for the interest-free Canada Greener Homes Loan and Rénoclimat financial assistance program.

Integrated design and increased light

Replacing a three-section window with a bay window of the same size brings a whole new look to a charming Montreal semi-detached home. «It’s as if I’ve added a little skylight to my decor,» says Claudette. «The new window makes my living room appear more spacious. It’s much brighter now,» she adds.

Harmonize with style

In addition to the energy-efficient qualities of PRESIDENT casement windows, the hybrid model chosen by Claudette is customizable, making it a perfect match for the style of her home. The white PVC interior finish brightens up the room, while harmonizing with her other windows, and the antique beige aluminum exterior finish matches her brickwork and front door. Claudette is delighted with the result: «You get the impression that the bay window has always been part of the façade. It’s so beautifully integrated.»

Advantages of PRESIDENT casement windows:

  • The most water-, sound- and weather-proof
  • Customizable to suit any style of home
  • Easy to maintain
  • Available in hybrid PVC-aluminum configuration
  • Can be combined with fixed windows with up to 5 sections
  • Choice of double- or triple-pane

From our factory to your home

As a manufacturer-installer that specializes in home renovation, PRESIDENT Doors and Windows provides full support and unparalleled quality control for window replacement projects. Whether you’re looking to update your home’s look or keep its original style, you’re sure to find the model, colour and glass option you need. You’ll also take advantage of PRESIDENT’s exclusive ISO-THERMA Technology insulation process, which makes our ENERGY STAR® products highly energy efficient.

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Window replacement project in view?


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