Need for change

Need to change your windows?

Alexander in St-Lambert dreamed of a complete makeover in order to modernize the appearance of his residence and, at the same time, increase the market value of his property. He therefore contacted us to carry out a window renovation work on his home.

His project was well thought out and his expectations very clear. We took the time to listen to his needs and took note of all of his technical specifications, namely: to enlarge the opening of the living room window in order to let more daylight into the room, to remove the existing bay window (clearly from another era) and replace it by a beautiful modern storefront whose lower awning windows are frosted to provide more privacy when the family is in the living room.

We are proud to have been able to offer Alexandre a personalized and simple solution to replace his entire fenestration by offering products from our range of hybrid windows, namely our fixed windows and our awning windows, to give an elegant and modern look to the house. Our certified installers carried out the opening expansion and cladding work in addition to installing the new windows.

Our fenestration advisors have noticed that most of our customers change their house windows to obtain better comfort and to save energy, in particular thanks to the generous Canadian greener homes grant currently in effect. But they also found that many homeowners simply need change and want above all to improve the interior and exterior aesthetics of their home.

From our factory to your home

PRESIDENT Doors and windows distinguishes itself by being a “manufacturer-installer”. Therefore, we can control the entire process
of replacing your windows, with the manufacturing from our factory in Longueuil to the installation to your home.

Do not hesitate to contact us today to discuss your window replacement project by calling 1-855-670-4777 or by completing our free home consultation request form.