Duplex Conversion?

Replacing windows

Élise and Benoît from Longueuil wanted to convert their duplex into a single-family home. They wanted to enhance the appearance of their doors and windows to match the new vocation of their property and create an inviting atmosphere.

The old windows were sieves, wind and water seeped through. They also wanted to improve the performance of their home by replacing the windows with Energy Star models offering high energy efficiency. So, they contacted us to replace their doors, windows and patio doors.

Considering the clients’ needs, our fenestration consultant proposed a personalized solution: replacing the existing sliding windows with beautiful single-hung windows from our range of PVC windows. This allowed them to keep the openings already in place, and therefore avoid additional costs, while enhancing the style of this magnificent classic red brick home. We have also added subtle grids to add a unique aesthetic touch.

To make the house more inviting and enhance the first impression, our window consultant recommended a blue wedgewood door, synonymous with distinction, with an Avenue stained glass that matches the window grids and the black door hardware. The Orleans door panel with an embossed rich and worked volumes adds a touch of elegance.

By opting for single-hung, all-PVC windows from PRESIDENT Doors and Windows insulated with our ISO-THERMA Technology, it is possible to enhance the appearance of your duplex while obtaining better comfort and saving energy. Thanks to the generous Canadian greener homes grant currently in effect.

Products used for this project:

– All-PVC single-hung windows with ISO-THERMA Technology

– Orléans door painted wedgewood blue with black threshold and ball hinges

– Avenue stained glass 22’’ x 48’’

– Matte black Ashfield handle 

From our factory to your home

PRESIDENT Doors and windows distinguishes itself by being a MANUFACTURER-INSTALLER. Therefore, we can control the entire process of replacing your windows, with the manufacturing from our factory in Longueuil to the installation to your home.

Do not hesitate to contact us today to discuss your window replacement project by calling 1-855-670-4777 or by completing our free home consultation request form.


Window replacement project in view?


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