Casement windows for better insulation and aesthetics

Switching from sliding windows to casement windows was a choice that matched my semi-detached neighbour’s facade and, above all, my budget.

Kevin de Montréal-Nord

Window insulation, an important factor

People commonly think a building’s insulation is the main factor influencing heating costs. But after seeing the improvement in his home’s comfort and his energy bill, Kevin in Montréal-Nord quickly realized he was getting a great return on his investment in new PVC casement windows insulated with PRESIDENT’s ISO-THERMA Technology.

Grants in sight

“The sliding windows date back to when our semi-detached house was built. If I’d known it would lower my heating bill so much, I would have changed them a long time ago.” Plus, these casement windows (also known as crank windows) insulated with PRESIDENT’s ISO-THERMA Technology are energy-efficient and Energy STAR® certified, qualifying Kevin for the Canada Greener Homes Grant through the Rénoclimat program for the replacement of his windows.

Thoughtful service shows

“The beauty of it all is that our facade looks better, while at the same time it ‘fits’ with the neighbour’s house,” adds Kevin, visibly pleased with the result. “And we’re sure it’s installed properly, because the manufacturer installs their own products,” he says, appreciating the personalized service he received. “Plus, it’s done right here in Longueuil! If any issues pop up, they adjust quickly,” he adds.

Advantages of PRESIDENT casement windows:

  • The most water-, sound- and weather-proof
  • Customizable to suit any style of home
  • Easy to maintain
  • Available in hybrid PVC-aluminum configuration
  • Can be combined with fixed windows with up to 5 sections
  • Choice of double- or triple-pane

From our factory to your home

As a manufacturer-installer that specializes in home renovation, PRESIDENT Doors and Windows provides full support and unparalleled quality control for window replacement projects. Whether you’re looking to update your home’s look or keep its original style, you’re sure to find the model, colour and glass option you need. You’ll also benefit from PRESIDENT’s exclusive ISO-THERMA Technology insulation process, which makes our ENERGY STAR® products highly energy efficient.

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Window replacement project in view?


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