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Casement windows for better insulation and aesthetics

People commonly think a building’s insulation is the main factor influencing heating costs. But after seeing the improvement in his home’s comfort and his energy bill, Kevin in Montréal-Nord quickly realized he was getting a great return on his investment in new PVC casement windows insulated with PRESIDENT’s ISO-THERMA Technology.

A Bright Choice for Your Renovation

Laval resident Guylaine came to PRESIDENT to replace the doors and windows on the main unit of her duplex. She was looking for a reliable, energy-saving product, and above all, a company that could manage the entire project.

Let the Sunshine In

Martin and Geneviève from Saint-Hubert wanted to get more natural light inside of their semi-detached house. At the same time, they wanted to change the look of their home by giving it a more contemporary style, while complying with the Egress standard for emergency exits in the event of a fire.

Duplex Conversion?

Élise and Benoît from Longueuil wanted to convert their duplex into a single-family home. They wanted to enhance the appearance of their doors and windows to match the new vocation of their property and create an inviting atmosphere.

Need for change

Alexander in St-Lambert dreamed of A COMPLETE MAKEOVER in order to modernize the appearance of his residence and, at the same time, increase the market value of his property. He therefore contacted us to carry out a window renovation work on his home.